Achtergrond afbeelding turn for service signaal verlichting

How does it work?

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In 9 colors

As a restaurant owner, you can easily set the light to the desired color at the touch of a button using the charging station control panel. This gives you the ability to change the color at any time of the day. This allows for color changes for the many holidays and celebrations you host or promoting your brand color.

IXI kleurvariatie wit


IXI kleurvariatie roze


IXI kleurvariatie blauw


IXI kleurvariatie aqua


IXI kleurvariatie groen


IXI kleurvariatie paars


IXI kleurvariatie geel


IXI kleurvariatie flame


IXI kleurvariatie oranje


Settings options.

Hover over the hotspots to learn about the different setting options.

Light "ON"
Slow-filling red
Red top/ring only
Light "OFF"
Candle function
Candle function "OFF"


The charging station is easy to attach to the wall, this way the charging station is not in the way.


To Charge, stack the signaling lights on the Charging Station for at least 10 hours. When the lights are added to the Charging Station, they will turn off automatically. When the signaling lights are removed from the Charging Station, they automatically turn back on to the last setting programmed. The lights will function for up to 16 hours before needing to be placed back on the Charging Station.

Additional benefits

Our smart table light is a revolutionary addition to the restaurant industry

  • Prompt Service Response: With Turn4Service signaling lights on each table, wait staff can instantly identify which tables require assistance without needing to scan the entire dining area. This immediacy allows them to respond promptly to guest needs, ensuring timely service delivery.
  • Focused Attention: By eliminating the need for guests to wave or call out for assistance, wait staff can concentrate more effectively on their assigned tasks. They can spend less time scanning for guests in need and more time delivering attentive service, taking orders, and fulfilling requests promptly.
  • Reduced Interruptions: Traditional methods of flagging down wait staff, such as raising a hand or calling out, can disrupt the dining experience for both guests and staff. With Turn4Service signaling lights, guests can discreetly signal for assistance, minimizing interruptions and allowing wait staff to maintain a seamless flow of service.
  • Prioritized Service: The visual cue of a red light indicates an immediate service need, allowing wait staff to prioritize their tasks accordingly. This ensures that urgent requests are addressed promptly, enhancing overall guest satisfaction and potentially leading to increased tip amounts.
  • Enhanced Table Turnover: Efficient service facilitated by Turn4Service signaling lights can contribute to faster table turnover rates. With quicker response times and reduced wait times for guests, wait staff can serve more tables within a given timeframe, increasing the potential for higher tip earnings through greater guest volume.